DIY Chalkpaint Perfect Coral Dresser for a Girl's Room

The Before and After Transformation of this Perfect Coral Dresser will make you Swoon!

This Coral dresser is so cute, it about kills me.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how excited it has made me to decorate my little girl’s room! I have had the two kids in one tiny room for 2.5 years that also doubled as a storage room and play room and there was a sliver of space between the two beds. It meant I was uninspired, and felt like I couldn’t do much to decorate or make each of them feel like they have space. We now have them in separate rooms and her room just got me so inspired to create.

This sweet dresser came from my aunt in San Diego and she was going to get rid of it.  I loved it so much {and was in desperate need of more furniture after living in 900 square feet!} so she let me have it.

perfect coral dresser chalk paint girls room and a painted globe
It just so happens that my baby sister picked coral for her wedding color and when we were deciding what to do on the side yard, we realized that I have a few pieces of great furniture that just needed to be redone and it would be so fun to have lots of cool actual furniture pieces there. So the wedding gave me a time limit and I just finished 3 huge furniture projects in less than 2 weeks. No big deal, right?

For this one, I used a flat Behr Color Guava Jelly P180-4 and BB Frosch Chalkpaint Powder. It was my first time using it, because I had just made my own before, and I LOVE how it goes on. It was the perfect consistency and dried nice and thick and even. I lightly sanded before, but mostly just to clean it, using about 220 grit.

Then I mixed up the paint, just a small batch at first, and painted it on. I like to wax after painting because it makes any lines disappear and the surface nice and smooth, and it protects it from scratches and peeling paint I use this Minwax Finishing Wax. After it was waxed, we just added the sparkly hardware from Home Depot {I found some almost exactly the same on Amazon here}. I looked and looked, but didn’t find any I liked more than these for a wedding or the little girl’s room.

Here is the piece before in Reese’s room. It’s actually a super cute piece and was naturally distressed. I felt a little bad painting over it because it had such charm to it. But alas, it’s new life is glamorous and I’m sure she’ll forgive me for dressing her up. After I painted the walls a light gray, it didn’t stand out at all against the wall…

perfect coral dresser chalk paint girls room and a painted globe

Here’s the entry table at my sister’s rustic wedding reception. Note the color. Perfect match, right?!

rustic wedding entry perfect coral dresser

And here’s just one wall of Reese’s sweet Ice Cream Room with the new dresser in it. I absolutely LOVE it in here. It makes me smile every time I see it. And she likes it too. Major plus.

A perfect coral dresser with chalk paint for a girls room and a painted globe.

perfect coral dresser with chalk paint for a girls room and a painted globe

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