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Meg turns 30. A colorful and lovely week of awesomeness

if you happen to read this post at all, just know that it’s mainly for documenting and saving purposes… it in no way is to brag about how great of a husband i have to spoil me like a 10 year old all week and make a grown woman feel like this is just the beginning…


it really was a great week. i had almost forgotten that it was my birthday at all, and just before i was telling cc that i felt a little like i probably SHOULD do something great as this is a pretty big one. i had been making a list of all the things i wanted to do by 30, and a bucket list of sorts… and eventually i ditched them all and realized that this really is the start. i have so much ahead and i’m not freaking dying! in fact, my twenties were full of uncertainty and discovery and pain and heartache and waiting and growing… i have a good feeling that my thirties are going to be for living and enjoying the people i love. everything else that happens will be extra credit and awesome.

the night before my birthday, some of my best friends showed up with a cake to share with me and it was fantastic.



  _MG_8657   it really does make me all kinds of emotional to think of the awesome friends i have in this place. they are good to me, and we have way too much fun. thanks cute ladies!


my mom sent me a Mickey waffle maker and Minnie Mouse ears in the hopes that I’d get to go play on my birthday.

lucky for me, husband already had the day off and sitters lined up so just he and i could go…

so he made breakfast and then gifted me this shirt to wear… “made in 1985, all original parts…” {for now at least…}

IMG_3831FullSizeRender 2

and when we walked through the gate they said, “happy birthday!” cause it shows up on the screen… and this guy made me a button so that everywhere I went, the cast members told me happy birthday. I may be 10, but I love that so much!!

IMG_3894  and my brother was sending me various pictures of me put through that site… first try and it nailed it. i guess i can’t be too sad about that…

IMG_3903IMG_3897 IMG_9650IMG_4189  IMG_3896IMG_8751IMG_0176  IMG_3898

disneyland without kids is really a treat. i love going with them cause it truly is magical, but without them we ride rides and eat unhealthy… it’s pretty awesome.

then over the weekend, my aunt took me for pedicures and the husband somehow managed to pull off a surprise party! it was low-key, just close friends at the park, but it was perfect. so great to see my people and thank them for being awesome.  i really do have some awesome friends.

i thought we were just going to the park like normal on a saturday, and all my friends jumped out… i was so confused…

“did i walk up at the exact same time as someone whose having a birthday?”  oh, right… 😉

they kept telling me how funny my face was. not as surprised, and more just confused… cause i’m old now, so apparently slow…

IMG_9115 IMG_4966IMG_7512 IMG_7519  IMG_6730IMG_4078

thanks everyone for making a 30 year old feel so special!


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