we’ve gotten into the habit of making a list of foods we want to try over the weekend as part of our “things to do while the kids are napping” activities. while most of you are working on home projects or chores, we are eating. oh to have a house and real house projects… we had so much laundry and dishes that sat there while we spent time as a family. we really needed it.

we did go to the gym as a family on saturday, but yeah, we came home and made these very healthy very naughty pretzels and cheese dip. no regrets. not even a little bit.

i have a cousin who once told me she could eat anything {bad for you} she wanted, as long as she made it herself. which i think is a pretty good rule. it’s probably why i’ve made so many sweet things lately…

we really wanted to try these, and they were so easy. much easier than my amazing rolls that i make all spring long!

covered in butter, sea salt, and love, and just like they make em at the mall…
just what we needed wanted.

and just look at those beauties!! the dip is so yummy,
though not as great as my white cheese dip we will have to make with these next time…


want to try my queso dip? yes, yes you do.