who me?

headshot2hey, i’m meg. i love all things bright and beautiful, painting furniture, making {but mostly eating} good food, exercising, and I recently moved to AZ from San Diego.  i am a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints {mormon}. i am married to a handyman who is just as nerdy and techy as i am and who also loves projects. he will be around here too. if you are into sappy love stories and wedding photos, you can see all of ours here

lets be real, this blog and my various sources of income help to feed my family, sure, but i started this journey cause i enjoy and need to write.

i stay up nights worrying about stories and moments i might forget. and i can’t let it happen. so while i will write about products and companies and brands i love, i will always ALWAYS keep it personal and be writing about my family and updates in between. if it hurts the traffic or the income, whatever, cause i can’t forget why i’m here, right? 😉  so this nook of the interwebs that is mine all mine will be like me, super ADD and scatterbrained, but at least a little bit fun and colorful. and real. always real.










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