A Tangled Halloween

We hosted Halloween at our house this year and we had a lot of fun. Again, all of the clever Halloween Party food ideas and clearly made by someone with more energy food you see here were made by my mother. I dressed two of the kids and put my hair in curlers. Fancy clever food […] Read more…

Lucy Birthday 21

Lucy’s Sparkly First Birthday Party

I’m getting back to my favorite part of having a blog, aside from posting all of my projects and recipes, I love to write about my family and the fun things we do with them. My niece Lucy is one of the reasons we moved here too, to be near these cousins and so my […] Read more…


5 and 90. An Epic Birthday Mashup

If you’re born on the same day as Gramma Grapes, it means you get to have a week long party and enjoy lots of family around. When I was at the hospital, at 36 weeks with Boss and the doctor had just tried a cephalic version to turn him head-down, I was devastated. I didn’t […] Read more…

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