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raising friendly and fearless toddlers | letters to my littles

this week after traveling to AZ for a whole week and spending time with family, we came home and spent some much-needed us-time as a little family and reconnected and played at the beach. as i watched my little toddlers, i kept thinking of all of the ways that they are different, but all the […] Read more…


dr seuss & read across america week | free printables

man i love dr. seuss. last night, in his honor, i read aloud the thinks you can think. to myself. and it made me smile. i have such fond memories of reading growing up, which is probably why it is so easy to do with my kids… as i was thinking about mr. seuss and […] Read more…


2 kids aren’t hard. toddlers are.

i have had so many, especially recently, tell me that i’m in the hardest phase of them all. 2 kids. one a baby, one a toddler. it’s definitely tough. i need to give her attention, give him attention, split their attention with the housework, work work, mom time wasting time online… he is incredibly independent. […] Read more…

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