"Oh What Fun" Colorful Christmas Tree with candy and gumball machine ornaments and Diet Coke of course!

DIY Gumball Machine ornaments for my Colorful Christmas tree!

I had this crazy idea this year, being that this feels like our first “real” Christmas, that I wanted to do a “fun” tree, instead of something traditional. Which of course means, this is now one of two trees, so satisfy all of the needs in this house. I found so many adorable ornaments and […] Read more…


Thanksgiving in Arizona

This was our first Thanksgiving home with family in a handful of years. We have always been tied up in work and unable to get away long enough to spend quality time, so we spent it with family and friends in San Diego. This year, we had the genius plan of spending all day with […] Read more…


A Tangled Halloween

We hosted Halloween at our house this year and we had a lot of fun. Again, all of the clever Halloween Party food ideas and clearly made by someone with more energy food you see here were made by my mother. I dressed two of the kids and put my hair in curlers. Fancy clever food […] Read more…

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