metallic gold love print stlyed

free gallery wall printable prints and where to print them

 so, in lieu of #freebiefriday, and spring cleaning, i ran across lots of these prints that i use to sell on deal sites when i was designing mostly digital things… we would print and sell these in batches of hundreds at a time, and i have to admit, every time, we just laughed and laughed […] Read more…


a beachy surfer dude baby shower

 this weekend my dear friend carli let us shower her to celebrate her TWIN boys coming soon!! her adorable 3 year old is one of boss’s favorite girlfriends, but now that she’s having boys, we all agreed she needed some boy stuff, and lots of it!     my girlfriend Sandee and i were so […] Read more…


home improvement… baby steps

nesting at this house apparently means throwing out everything we don’t need, and spending long hours into the night on craigslist looking for how to fill out house again…. after over a month of searching for the right one, we found us a couch. a white one. that old one was supposed to be a […] Read more…

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