Lucy Birthday 21

Lucy’s Sparkly First Birthday Party

I’m getting back to my favorite part of having a blog, aside from posting all of my projects and recipes, I love to write about my family and the fun things we do with them. My niece Lucy is one of the reasons we moved here too, to be near these cousins and so my […] Read more…


mile high crumb coffee cake with brown sugar glaze

so, in searching for the perfect desserts for the shower i threw this weekend, i found this recipe and about died. i was looking for something that looked like “sand” on top because, of course, the shower was a surfer dude/beach theme and i wanted to make “sand bars”. i had never actually made a […] Read more…


smores cupcakes

i thought i was so clever this week.i thought, “i am going to see if i can make those cupcakes like they do at sprinkles. the smores cupcake there kills me every time.and i’m not even the biggest cupcake fan… it’s been done, lots actually.apparently it’s pretty trendy, and i’m just really behind… so i […] Read more…

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