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I couldn’t have been more excited to get out of the lame cold hole that is Provo and get to my cute people in awesometown Arizona.

Time of departure: 6:00pm

After a 3.5 hour drive and only 1.5 hours away from my northern cottage, my driving partner and I found refuge in a gas station in Cove Fort, Nowhere, USA.

Time of arrival: 9:30pm

5:00 am: the blizzard settles down enough to get back on the road. Yes, we spent the night with a handful of others who most likely sang songs and held hands and prayed in their cars as we did before deciding it was best to spend the night with us and enjoy “What About Bob” and Cup Noodles® with the kind and scary people that run the place.

Blah Blah. I got home ok.

Christmas This year was a good one– and when is it not?
My people are the best there is and we know food and we know party.

All the ones we love got to be here.
The EVE dinner was international this year..the bulk of the men responsible:

What they and their mother created:

This is the Christmas Day crew in its entirety:

And for the record: I got my uncle for Christmas:
(guess she couldn’t hide the price tag on that one…check it out)

(Ya know.. the one my mom bought on ebay… awesome. It will be framed and prominently displayed over my mantle for years to come…)

And Here is the 10 minute video of the edited Moffat Christmasness that only those bearing the name might be able to suffer through: (If you click on the “Google Video” you can see it bigger and click on specific marked moments.)

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


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