Why IKEA is brilliant:

So… aside from being a very contemporary, chic, and stylin place to snag simple decor ideas, this monstrosity of a building that contains all that brain power is actually quite business genius.

  • They get you there because it is unavoidable… too large to walk on by. No really… see how unsafe these huge buildings are for the highways…
  • You can’t argue with how cheap it all is-
  • You know where it goes in your house- for heavens sake- they show you!
  • And, the place comes complete with a cafe that actually produces some quality food-type products for very inexpensive.

The old man who thought that one up so long ago is laughing his way to the Swedish bank daily and carefully avoiding his taxes… again… brilliant.

So, after the last IKEA trip… my apartment is finally finished!!
(with the exception of the table cloth I have yet to sew.. yes, that is the sound of me… becoming my mother…)

This would be the tulips my roommate bought: $80

Chinese Globe: $6, Set of two curtains with subtle black print (Oh-so-cute): $15, 2 Squiggly mirrors: $20, Festivus (our little wooden man- full name= Festivus for the Restivus): $6.

Poster from BYU Bookstore: $8 (already had those frames)

Poster from BYU Bookstore: $8, Little mirror from Robert’s Craft: $3

Wall of Randomness: $25 worth of paper/ribbon products, cute clear clock from IKEA $6, awesome vintage frame from DI: $1, chalkboard I vintaged from Robert’s: $2, that cool lamp from IKEA came complete with it’s adorable roommate owner.

I am thrifty and I love it.
Happy Tuesday to all…

Pictures for this blog entry were brought to you by my new cellular phone wif a camera and bluetooth…


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